Twenty-two solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants in Egypt’s Benban Solar Park, under development in the desert 40km north of Aswan, are now operating with a combined capacity of 1.08GW, up from just five at the end of March. This is the result of a major flurry of project completions since the end of 2018, when only one 50MW plant was delivering electricity to the grid.

A further nine projects with a combined capacity of 390MW are currently at various stages of development, with many expected online within the next few months. When they are all operating, the solar park will have capacity to deliver 1.47GW of electricity to the grid. Satellite imagery shows that as of late-July almost all of the awarded Benban plots were covered with panels (see charts 1 & 2 and map/table). (CONTINUED - 793 WORDS)