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MEES (abbreviated for Middle East Economic Survey) is a weekly energy publications that focuses on Middle East and North Africa energy news, data and analysis. Our weekly coverage include Oil & Gas, Transportation/LNG, Refining & Petrochemicals, Power & Water, OPEC, Geopolitical Risk, Corporate Strategy, Economics & Finance, and Data.

We invest our time to delve into the details that will empower you with forward-looking analysis, enabling you to attain your objectives efficiently and successfully within the Middle East region's constantly changing energy, economic, political and social landscape. These factors directly and indirectly influence the risks involved in a region, that is and will remain vital to global energy supplies.

The importance of the Middle East and North Africa cannot be understated given the proven reserves of the region (53% of world reserves) the low cost of production, as well as being home to 5 of the 10 top world oil producers. Even with the US 'shale revolution, the Middle East's massive reserves means the region will continue to increase its market share by 2050.

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