East Mediterranean


Poor neighborly relations have long stunted Israeli plans to develop its gas riches but the start of exports to Egypt and Jordan at the start of 2020 have proven to be a key diplomatic and geopolitical victory.

State of Play

Israel has two producing offshore gas fields, the 11tcf Tamar and 22tcf Leviathan. But poor to non-existent relations with neighboring countries have made it difficult to secure export deals. Israel is attempting to expand its domestic gas market to accommodate the fields’ potential 2bn cfd-plus output.

2019 In Numbers
Gas Output 10.47 bcm
Refining Capacity 0.3 mn b/d
Gas Rig Count 1 -
Debt to GDP 25* %


Geopolitical Risk

20 Mar, 2020


Israel Politics: Will Netanyahu Cling To Power?

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s 11-year grip on power appears to be loosening. But the wily PM still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Israel 2020 Election Results: Blue & White Leader Gantz Given Mandate To Form Government With Tenuous 62-Seat Majority
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Planned Cumulative Output (TCF)

Leviathan Planned Output Profile (Bcm/Y)*

Leviathan Field Stakes (%)

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