North Africa


Cairo hopes increased LNG exports amid rising gas output will help propel Egypt to realise its ambitions of becoming a regional energy hub.

State of Play

Gas continues to play a leading role in Egypt's upstream with the giant Zohr field reaching 3.2bn cfd capacity. Declining legacy fields mean its ability to export significant volumes of LNG may be hampered going forward.

2020 In Numbers
Crude Output 601 000 b/d
Crude Imports 221 000 b/d
Crude Exports 104 000 b/d
Gas Output 60.74 bcm
Gas Exports 2.63 bcm
LNG Exports 1.56 mn tons
Oil & Gas

13 May, 2022


Apache Eyes Q2 Egypt Output Leap

Key Egypt oil producer Apache says that its gross output surged by 8% in April. With drilling rising to a seven-year high, more gains are on the cards.

Apache Egypt Output Is Finally Trending Higher With The Firm's Egypt Rig Count Set To End Q2 At A 7-Year High
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1: Egypt Gas Output (bn cfd): May Falls For Second Consecutive Month As Zohr Outages See Med Output Fall To 4-Month Low 4.90bn cfd

2: Egypt Condensate Output ('000 b/d): Med Offshore Condensate Continues Rising For May To New High 54,600 b/d

Egypt's Foreign Reserves Rise $520mn In 1H 2021 Vs 2020's 3-Year Low ($bn, End-Period)

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