Egypt: Solar Ambitions Soar, But Like Icarus?

Egypt is in theory on target to meet its short-term objective to have 4.3GW of renewables capacity by 2018 following a flurry of recent deals. Yet how much of these will actually be built is another matter. An increasingly ambitious medium-term plan looks even more fanciful.

Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has recently signed agreements for renewables projects with a total 11.44GW of electricity generating capacity. Ten companies or joint ventures have pledged a total 8.79GW of solar capacity and 2.65GW of wind power.

However, the agreements are only preliminary: there is considerable scope for fallout as terms for actual project development are ironed out. And Egypt’s renewables track record suggests the gap between MOU and development contract award may be a long one. (CONTINUED - 830 WORDS)


table Egypt’S Recent Renewables Deals (Gw)