Turkey Coal Power Boost

Turkish private power producer Aksa Enerji has started up a 270MW coal-fired power plant in the Göynük district of Bolu province, southeast of Istanbul. The plant comprises two 135MW units, the first of which was completed in June and the second of which became operational in mid-August.

The units burn pulverized coal in fluidized bed boilers rather than conventional thermal boilers. Their lower temperature combustion improves efficiency and reduces nitrous oxide emissions, says Aksa. The plant is also the first in Turkey to have a flue gas treatment system, reducing emissions even further.

The plant’s lignite fuel comes from an opencast mine, also operated by Aksa, which is 2km away. The mine has estimated reserves of 40mn tons of coal, of which 500,000 tons has been mined in readiness for power plant start-up. The plant will require around 2.5mn tons/year of lignite fuel. (CONTINUED - 374 WORDS)