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Qatar aims to reclaim its crown as the world’s largest LNG producer from Australia, targeting 126mn t/y by 2027, and is working hard to develop new markets.

State of Play

Qatar is aggressively expanding domestic LNG production capacity, targeting a 64% increase to 126mn t/y by 2027. Having shrugged off the impact of the economic embargo which lasted from June 2017 to January 2021, the emirate’s huge expansion is attracting interest from the world’s leading IOCs, which QP is using to snap up overseas assets under its two-pronged expansion strategy.

2021 In Numbers
Gas Output 171.3* bcm
Gas Exports 127.9* bcm
LNG Exports 77.9 mn tons
O&G Export Rev. 73.6 $bn

*2020 DATA.

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1: Qatar Domestic Gas Consumption (bn cfd)

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Qatar Petroleum's Net International Output (2020, ‘000 boe/d)*

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