North Africa


Egypt's economy finally looks set for a period of sustained growth on the back of a gas output renaissance, with renewed LNG exports adding another supplier to the Mediterranean basin.

State of Play

With soaring output from the giant offshore Zohr field, Egypt has again become a net exporter of gas. But it remains to be seen if the country can fulfill its ambitions of becoming a regional gas hub.

2019 In Numbers
Crude Output 0.63 mn b/d
Crude Export 0.09 mn b/d
Gas Output 67.5 bcm
Gas Exports 5.89 bcm
LNG Exports 5.2 mn tons
O&G Export Rev. - $bn
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Egypt Reserves* Rise For 5th Consecutive Month To $39.2bn For October Still 14% Down On Feb20 Record $45.5bn($Bn, End-Month)

1: Egypt Monthly Renewables Generation Topped 1twh For First Time In July (TWH)

2: Egypt Powergen: Renewables Nearly Doubled In 2019-20 To 8.7twh Or 4.4% Of Total 196.7twh

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