North Africa


Whilst Morocco doesn’t have the oil or gas riches of some of its neighbors it is a beacon of (relative) stability in an often turbulent region.

State of Play

A stand out among Mena energy importers as being both stable and relative economic success, Morocco is also the regional leader in terms of solar power – though, again, this says as much about the competition as about Morocco. Recent gas discoveries hold out the prospect of reduced energy dependence on Algeria.

2019 In Numbers
Gas Output 0.084 bcm
Oil Rig Count 1
Debt 78.08 $bn
Debt to GDP 64.41 %
Economics & Finance

10 Apr, 2020


Coronavirus Pushes Morocco To Draw On $3bn IMF Credit Line

Morocco had a $3bn IMF credit line since 2012 but never drew it. Covid-19 has changed that. The EU has chipped in $500mn more. Will it be enough?

Morocco Has Enjoyed Steady Growth Over The Past Few Years But Is Set For A Recession In 2020 For The First Time In More Than Two Decades (GDP Growth %)
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