Middle East


It kick-started oil production in the Gulf in 1932, but Bahrain’s hydrocarbon fortunes have since soured. A major unconventional discovery could revitalize the sector.

State of Play

Bahrain’s upstream sector has been rejuvenated by a major unconventional discovery offshore its west coast. Further appraisal drilling is planned for this year, with results due in early 2019. The kingdom is dependent on neighboring Saudi Arabia for political and economic support, as well as 80% of its oil “production."

2020 In Numbers
Crude Output 197 '000 b/d
Crude Exports 151 '000 b/d
Crude Imports 179 '000 b/d
Refining Capacity 267 '000 b/d
Refining Throughput 224 '000 b/d
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Bahrain Gas Production Reached Record Levels In 2019 As Oil* Edged Up

Bahrain Electricity Supply (Twh)

Bahrain Power Plants Gas Consumption (BCM)

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