Opec Output Keeps Rising In June To Hit 38-Month High

Opec crude oil production rose for the fourth month running in June to hit 31.75mn b/d, up 310,000 b/d on the previous month. This is the highest monthly average output the group has recorded since April 2012, and comes at a time when world markets are already awash with oil – a situation arguably created by the surge in US oil production growth since 2013, and exacerbated by Opec’s recent unwillingness to scale back production in the face of lower world oil prices. Opec has consistently been producing at above its self-imposed 30mn b/d production ceiling since May 2014, and above 31mn b/d since March this year. (CONTINUED - 1095 WORDS)


table OPEC Well-Head Production, June 2015 (Mn B/D, Mees Estimates)