I will not permit democracy to be exploited to destroy the state,” said Emir Sheikh Mishal Al Ahmad Al Sabah in a pivotal 10 May speech in which he dissolved Kuwait’s parliament for up to four years, and suspended key constitutional articles that enshrine its role in the emirate’s politics.

This marks the third time in Kuwait’s history that parliament has been dissolved, with the Emir and government taking over legislative authority. The previous instances were from 1976 to 1981, and again from 1986 until 1991. In both previous instances, parliament was suspended due to Emiri frustration with MPs interrogating government ministers, which as now was blamed for holding back Kuwait’s economy (MEES, 7 June 1986). In both instances, opposition MPs performed strongly in elections once parliament was restored and, in a possible foretelling of what may be to come, swiftly returned to actively holding government ministers to account (MEES, 12 October 1992). (CONTINUED - 1726 WORDS)