Saudi Arabia and the UAE have made their first overtures to the post-Omar al-Bashir Sudanese government, pledging $3bn for Sudan this week. This came just 10 days after the arrest and overthrow on 11 April or Mr Bashir (MEES, 12 April). The two Gulf allies will deposit $500mn at Sudan’s central bank, with the rest to be provided in the form of oil products, medicine and food over an undisclosed period, according to Saudi and UAE state agencies.

Sudan contributes a large number of ground troops to the Saudi-UAE alliance in Yemen. However, its close ties to Doha meant it opted against participating in the Saudi-led embargo of Qatar. Sudan’s key Gulf allies recently distanced themselves from the Bashir regime after protests broke out in December last year, which eventually led to the end of Mr Bashir’s 30-year reign. (CONTINUED - 372 WORDS)