Oman’s state power and water utility OPWP is planning tenders for new power and desalination plants to meet anticipated demand beyond 2021. The new capacity will be additional to 3.52GW of power and 1.18mn m3/d of desalination capacity due online during 2016-20.

OPWP chief operating officer Ya’qub al-Kiyumi says it plans to tender for two independent power producer (IPP) projects, for start-up in 2021 and 2022. Each will have capacity in the range 800-1,000MW, and OPWP aims to issue a request for proposals for the two plants by the end of 2016. The plant due to start up in 2021 will be in Muscat governorate, while the location for the second has not been decided. (CONTINUED - 624 WORDS)