Oman Turns To Wind To Cut Rural Generating Costs

Oman plans to develop a 50MW wind farm to reduce power generation costs away from the country’s two main electricity grids. The project will form the main plank of a Rural Areas Electrical Company (Raeco) plan to develop 90MW of renewables capacity by 2020.

Raeco says its installed generating capacity amounted to 290.1MW at the end of 2013: 133.34MW at 14 stations in Al-Wusta governorate, 88.31MW from four plants in Musandam governorate and 68.45MW from 19 plants in the Dhofar region.

Last year it supplied a total 650.92GWh of electricity – which gives an estimated average supply rate of 74.31MW. However, 13% of this was electricity purchased from Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), whose electrical system “offers a more economic means of providing power to some very remote locations.” (CONTINUED - 542 WORDS)


table Oman Rural Electricity Supply* (Gwh)