Eight rockets were launched at the 450mn cfd-capacity Khor Mor gas field in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaymaniyah province on 12 October. This marks the fifth such attack this year, with Iran widely seen as the ultimate perpetrator. According to a tweet by Lawk Ghafuri, spokesperson for the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the attack “didn’t result in any casualties, and operation is normal within the field.” Khor Mor is Kurdistan’s largest gas field and the main source of feedstock for power plants and commercial LPG.

Houston-based contractor Exterran in June suspended work aimed at boosting Khor Mor capacity to 690mn cfd by Q2 next year because of security concerns (MEES, 1 July). The latest attack means any restart is unlikely in the near-term, unless this week’s political breakthrough in Baghdad resolves issues (MEES, 14 October). (CONTINUED - 135 WORDS)