Kuwait’s state refinery KNPC has completed two more units as part of the clean fuel project (CFP) under way at Mina Abdullah refinery. KNPC this week tweeted that it finished commissioning a new amine regeneration unit, part of the sulfur recovery train, and a nitrogen-air system unit supplying compressed air for control valves. While neither is a key unit, completion shows work continuing on the delayed project. KNPC only announced last month that it had commissioned two minor units that would “pave the way in the upcoming few months” for completing CFP work, potentially by year-end (MEES, 12 June).

KNPC’s $12bn CFP includes expanding combined CDU capacity at Mina Abdullah and Mina al-Ahmadi refineries by a relatively minor 9% from 736,000 b/d to 801,000 b/d, while adding major upgrading capacity. Mina al-Ahmadi commissioning was completed in April (MEES, 29 May). (CONTINUED - 139 WORDS)