Tunisia Output Collapses: Southern Fields Shut In, No End In Sight To Protests

Two months of strikes and blockages in southern Tunisia have culminated in the shut in of all oil and gas output from the southern provinces of Tataouine and Kebili. This is a further blow to the struggling economy.

The provinces together accounted for 46% of the country’s Q1 oil output and 25% of gas, some 20,500 b/d (of 44,500 b/d) and 51mn cfd (of 205mn cfd) respectively.

Italy’s Eni and Austria’s OMV are the worst affected with gross regional Q1 oil output of 12,800 b/d and 3,900 b/d respectively. OMV is also the key southern gas producer with 36mn cfd. (CONTINUED - 1170 WORDS)