‘Project Tataouine’

A key element of the OMV-led plans to develop southern Tunisia’s gas reserves, and one which delayed FID by several years, was a desire to route the evacuation pipeline via the restive southern town of Tataouine, the center of recent protests (MEES, 30 November 2012).

Ultimately OMV only agreed to go ahead with the project when ‘Project Tataouine’ was hived off from what had until then been termed the ‘South Tunisia Gas Project’ to leave OMV to focus on Nawara development.

OMV and Tunisian state firm ETAP will split the $1.1bn cost of ‘Project Nawara’ in line with their relative stakes in the field itself. But ETAP alone will shoulder the cost of a 12” 94km spur pipeline to Tataouine and an associated 21mn cfd gas treatment plant. This is intended to supply both piped gas – Tataouine is not currently connected to the grid – and LPG to the local population. However it is unclear what, if any, work the cash-strapped Tunisian government has carried out on ‘Project Tataouine’. (CONTINUED - 284 WORDS)


chart Nawara Investment ($Mn)