Egypt Plans 2.1gw Power Capacity Hike To Avoid Summer Blackouts

Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab have met with Oil Minister Sharif Isma’il and Electricity Minister Muhammad Shakir to draw up a plan to minimize summer blackouts.

Egypt’s generating capacity hit 31.45GW by end-2014, after summer peak demand reached 28.25GW and there were frequent blackouts.

Mr Shakir says Egypt’s peak electricity demand is rising by 6% a year, implying a 30GW 2015 peak. Following the ministerial meeting, local financial daily Al-Borsa quoted an unnamed official as saying the government plans to add 2.1GW capacity to the grid by the end of May.

This would require up to 350mn cfd of additional gas or 77,000 b/d of fuel oil, or a mixture of the two, at a time when gas and oil resources are overstretched. While it has not been announced how the 2.1GW target will be met, Egypt has lined up significant short-term generating capacity additions. (CONTINUED - 236 WORDS)