Algeria: Terrorist Threat Low, But IOCs Keep An Eye On Security

While In Amenas has sent jitters through the industry, Algeria is safer now.

Algeria has recovered from the deadliest terrorist attack on the energy industry to date, even if safety is still very much on the minds of oil companies.

The country made headlines in January last year when Jihadists killed 40 workers at the Tigantourine gas plant near the town of In Amenas, and destroyed large parts of the facility. The incident exposed the vulnerability of oil installations located in Algeria’s vast deserts, and alerted oil companies to the dangers of operating in the country.

The attack was carried out by Al-Murabitoun, a Jihadist organization operating in the sandy border regions of Mali and Algeria. The sparsely populated hinterland abutting Mali is difficult to control, causing widespread concern that In Amenas was a harbinger of a sustained Jihadist assault on the country’s energy sector. (CONTINUED - 1127 WORDS)