Kuwait state-owned petroleum firm KPC has revived plans to merge its KNPC and Kipic refining subsidiaries. KNPC CEO Wadha al-Khateeb was appointed acting CEO of Kipic, with two of her KNPC deputies also appointed to leadership positions at Kipic. Ms Khateeb replaces Walid al-Bader at Kipic, who has now retired.

The move is the first step in a planned merger between the firms which together operate all of Kuwait’s 1.4mn b/d refining capacity (see chart 1). KNPC manages the Mina al Ahmadi and Mina Abdulla refineries with combined 801,000 b/d capacity, while Kipic manages the 615,000 b/d Al Zour refinery as well as the neighboring 22mn t/y capacity LNG import terminal. (CONTINUED - 912 WORDS)