Algeria’s annual oil stats for 2023 show a continuation of a trend seen in 2022, when a bid to maximize more remunerative gas exports saw liquids partially replace gas in domestic consumption.

Having risen by 7% to a record 446,000 b/d for 2022, the country’s oil consumption rose by a further 5% to a new record 470,000 b/d for 2023 according to Jodi stats. But the trend has not been the same for all products. For key road fuels diesel and gasoline, 2023 consumption was respectively level with and substantially below previous highs. In contrast LPG consumption leapt by 7% to a record 91,000 b/d, whilst direct burn crude and NGLs rose 9% to a record 32,000 b/d (see chart 1). (CONTINUED - 545 WORDS)