Egypt gas output fell for the second consecutive year, slumping 11% to 5.82bn cfd for 2023, the lowest level since 2017. While Egypt’s mature gas fields are well known for their high rates of decline, a key additional driver behind the continued slump is the rapid fall in output due to water breakthrough at the country’s key producing field, Eni-operated Zohr.

Egypt’s gas fortunes have gone hand in hand with Zohr output, both posting record annual highs for 2021, of 6.94bn cfd and 2.74bn cfd respectively. But Zohr output has fallen precipitously since peaking at 2.96bn cfd in Q1 2021, dropping to around 2.1bn cfd currently. Eni has attempted to counter increased water cut by drilling additional gas production wells. But despite plans for subsea water separation facilities output is likely to slump further in the coming years (MEES, 3 November 2023). (CONTINUED - 1117 WORDS)