The closure of Israel’s 13tcf Tamar gas field is having a prolonged impact on Egypt’s ability to export LNG, a key source of revenue, and also its ability to keep the lights on at home. In the aftermath of Hamas’ 7 October assault on southern Israel, the country’s energy ministry ordered the shutdown of the gas field, more than halving the flow of gas to Egypt (MEES, 13 October).

Gas flows initially dropped to 150mn cfd from an average of 870mn cfd for the first eight months of 2023. Volumes increased to 350mn cfd in mid-October but have fallen to 100mn cfd in recent days, MEES understands. With the direct EMG pipeline also shuttered from 7 October, gas from the 22tcf Leviathan field is reaching Egypt via the Jordanian section of the Arab Gas Pipeline. Deliveries to Jordan itself – which, unlike Egypt, has a near-total reliance on Israeli gas – have been steady at around 200-250mn cfd (MEES, 27 October). (CONTINUED - 939 WORDS)