Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals held a series of meetings with representatives from Shell on 25 September to discuss the company’s blue hydrogen and ammonia plans dubbed Blue Horizons. Shell is currently conducting a study for the technical and commercial viability of the project which aims to produce hydrogen from natural gas while capturing and storing CO2 in order to offset its emissions. Details are still sparse, but the company has settled on Duqm as the location for the proposed processing facilities.

Duqm is situated on the coast of Oman’s Al-Wusta governorate and Muscat is aiming to turn it “into one of the largest industrial and economic hubs in the region” (MEES, 1 July 2022). Shell sees this as a key reason for picking the future hub as it looks to supply local industries and international markets with low-carbon hydrogen. With Duqm also slated to be home to multiple planned green-hydrogen projects (MEES, 9 June) it could become a crowded marketplace. (CONTINUED - 1002 WORDS)