Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has confirmed start-up of its Yibal Khuff sour oil and gas project. The firm announced on 21 September that the “first sour wells were opened earlier this month introducing sour oil to the YKP Central Processing Facility, and the project has already started exporting crude oil to the Main Oil Line. The plant’s capacity will be ramped up over the coming months.”

Once fully operational, Yibal Khuff will produce 20,000 b/d of crude oil and 5mn m³/d (177mn cfd) of gas. PDO (Oman 60%, Shell 34%, Total 4%, PTTEP 2%) describes Yibal Khuff as “the second largest, and most technically complex project in PDO’s history.” Oil Minister Muhammad al-Rumhy recently highlighted Yibal Khuff as one of the key near-term energy projects in Oman, adding that it will “be a major revenue earner for the Sultanate.” (CONTINUED - 743 WORDS)