A consortium consisting of Omani state firm OQ, Hong Kong-based InterContinental Energy and Kuwaiti state firm EnerTech has announced plans to unveil a huge green hydrogen facility in Oman. In an 18 May announcement, the consortium unveiled initial plans for 25GW of solar and wind energy capacity to be constructed in the sultanate in order to produce “millions of tons of zero-carbon green hydrogen per annum.”

Green hydrogen is currently the in-vogue fuel of the energy transition as it removes the intermittency problem of relying on renewable energy sources for baseload generation. Within the Middle East, Saudi Arabia (MEES, 10 July 2020) and the UAE (MEES, 21 January) have been the most vocal proponents of the technology so far, announcing plans of varying-advancement to produce the fuel. (CONTINUED - 1083 WORDS)