BP on 26 April announced the long-delayed start-up of its Raven field in Egypt’s deepwater Mediterranean. The 900mn cfd-capacity field north of Alexandria was supposed to start up by end 2019 before a last-minute pipeline corrosion snafu led to what was meant to be a 12-month delay (MEES, 7 February 2020). That end-2020 target was ultimately also missed.

BP says ramp-up is now well under way with current output of 600mn cfd, versus full capacity of 900mn cfd and 30,000 b/d condensate. These figures suggest that Egypt’s overall gas output has hit new highs since recording a monthly record 7.05mn cfd for February (MEES, 9 April). Raven “is expected to continue to ramp up throughout this year,” BP says. (CONTINUED - 666 WORDS)