Egypt gas output topped 7bn cfd for the first time in February. At 7.048bn cfd, output was up 5% on January and 3% on December 2020’s previous record of 6.833bn cfd. The new output record comes as little surprise after Italian firm Eni said its flagship 21.5tcf Zohr gas field had produced at maximum capacity of 3.2bn cfd during the month (MEES, 26 February).

But also of note is that whilst Mediterranean gas output soared to a new record of 5.159bn cfd, up 7% on the previous month’s record, output from other parts of the country is at or near record lows. For the country’s number two gas producing region, the Western Desert, February output was a multi-decade low in both absolute terms (1.059mn) and as a share of the country’s overall output (15.0%). For the onshore Nile Delta, output has edged up in recent months as a restart of LNG exports has enabled a reversal of deliberate shut-ins, but at 647mn cfd for February remains 40% down on late-2019 levels. Decline here has hit key producer Eni even as its Zohr field posts record output. (CONTINUED - 621 WORDS)