Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC) has entered a three-year extendable partnership with US oilfield services firm Haliburton according to an IDC statement. The two sides also signed a “joint bidding agreement” permitting them to provide “turnkey” drilling and workover services to international oil companies operating in southern Iraq.

IDC says the deal will help transfer international knowledge and technology. This is not the first time that the firms have worked together. In August, IDC director general Basim Abdulkareem said that his company delivered 14 wells out of a 17-well contract in partnership with Halliburton at the 500,000 b/d capacity Zubair field (MEES, 27 August). He added that 37 additional wells would soon be awarded to IDC by Italian operator Eni, but no further announcement has been made. (CONTINUED - 392 WORDS)