Libya’s Waha Oil Company finally resumed commissioning operations at its Faregh Phase-2 gas project on 27 January. NOC says that as a result output at Faregh has now hit 140mn cfd, double the previous 70mn cfd figure. Faregh was forced to shut shortly after the start of the January 2020 oil blockade (MEES, 29 January) as storage capacity for its condensate output filled up and engineers from contractor Siemens left due to security conditions.

The first 70mn cfd phase had already restarted back in November and has been supplying the 855MW nameplate capacity Sarir power plant since. NOC says supplies to the power plant are now 80mn cfd. With the return of Siemens earlier this month, Waha will be working to ramp up Faregh Phase-2 to its nameplate 180mn cfd and 15,000 b/d of condensate capacity. This would bring overall Faregh capacity to 250mn cfd, with two further Phase-2 wells left to drill (MEES, 11 December 2020). (CONTINUED - 153 WORDS)