BP Oman chief Muhammad al-Ojaili confirmed this week that phase-2 of its marquee 1bn cfd Khazzan tight gas project (known as Ghazeer) will come online by the end of this year, well ahead of the major’s initial mid-2021 plan. The project will add 500mn cfd to total Khazzan output, bringing Oman within touching distance of 5bn cfd production capacity – and right in time for its planned expansion of the 10.4mn t/y Oman LNG next year (MEES, 7 September 2018).

Oman Ministry of Oil and Gas Undersecretary Salim al-Aufi previously told MEES that the project would start-up by end-2020 (MEES, 6 December 2019), but with the clampdown on global IOC spending, delays on such big ticket projects were to be expected.  (CONTINUED - 264 WORDS)