Qatar has a bullish outlook on the global LNG market. And it is putting its money where its mouth is, this week upwardly-revising its North Field gas expansion plans for the second time since they were initially launched in April 2017 (MEES, 7 April 2017). A fourth 7.8mn t/y LNG train now forms a definitive part of the expansion plans, taking Qatar’s total envisaged LNG capacity to 110mn t/y by the mid-2020s.

“Based on the good results obtained through recent additional appraisal and testing, we have decided to add a fourth LNG mega train and include it in the ongoing Front End Engineering of the project. When the project is completed and all four new trains are online, Qatar’s LNG production capacity will reach 110mn t/y,” Qatar Petroleum CEO and President Saad al-Kaabi said on 26 September. (CONTINUED - 1002 WORDS)