Qatar’s export revenues dropped to their lowest levels since 2021 in the first quarter of the year, driven by lower oil and gas prices (MEES, 5 May). The latest government statistics show that the drop was sharpest for sales to Europe, where revenues dropped by more than 10% as the continent’s gas crunch eased.

Qatar played a key role in stabilizing Europe’s energy security last year, squeezing record volumes from its LNG export facilities and sending the additional cargoes to Europe (MEES, 10 February). Prime Minister Muhammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani emphasized this at last week’s Qatar Economic Forum, stating that “it’s our international responsibility. We made sure to sustain the energy supplies and its stability in the world...The policies and projects that we have had through the last two decades have helped us build a strong, stable infrastructure in a strategic location linking between the east and west.” (CONTINUED - 867 WORDS)