Qatar Restarts Gas Expansion Plans As Iranian Output Of Shared Field Soars

Qatar has ended its 12-year self-imposed moratorium on development of the giant North Field it shares with Iran. The timing comes just as Iran has stepped up its own output from the field. Renewed development should enable Qatar to take advantage of the next window for LNG exporters around 2024.

Qatar Petroleum announced on 3 April that it plans to “develop a new gas project in the southern sector of the North Field.” It anticipates that this will boost output by around 2bn cfd, equating to around 10% of current 20bn cfd (205bn cubic meters) raw gas output.

This presumes that, as seems likely, the headline 2bn cfd figure is indeed for raw gas. Gas from the North Field is very wet with a high proportion of NGLs so 2bn cfd of raw gas would translate into around 1.4bn cfd of sales gas as well as around 50,000 b/d of NGLs.

This marks the first move towards Qatar sanctioning a new upstream gas project since a moratorium was imposed on development of the field in 2005 (MEES, 17 October 2005). Work is ongoing on the 1.4bn cfd Barzan project in the North Field, but this was sanctioned before 2005. The moratorium was initially slated to last until 2008, but the government opted to repeatedly extend it. (CONTINUED - 1727 WORDS)


chart Qatar’s North Field Vs Iran’s South Pars Output Race (Bn Cfd, Raw Gas)
table Qatar Sales Gas Production & Demand (Bn Cfd)
chart Qatar Natural Gas Export Revenues Fell Below One Third Of 2014 Revenues Last Year... ($Bn)
chart ...But Showed Signs Of A Rebound In The Second Half Of 2016 ($Bn)