Libya’s modest drilling renaissance is starting to bear fruit. Joint NOC-Schlumberger efforts have seen the number of rigs active in Libya’s Sirte Basin oil heartland jump to seven since August.

NOC on 25 November said its subsidiary Agoco had brought online a well at the 60,000 b/d-capacity Nafoora field. Originally drilled in 2000, the well is producing 1,500 b/d “expected to increase to 3,000 b/d once submersible pumps start working.” This follows the September start-up at 3,000 b/d of a new well at Agoco’s nearby Mesla field (MEES, 28 September). NOC chief Mustafa Sanalla has long slammed Libya’s central bank for failing to hand NOC cash to fund drilling (MEES, 2 February). NOC now says “a dedicated budget has been set aside” for further drilling “as part of Agoco’s exploration development programme.” (CONTINUED - 380 WORDS)