GCC Dependence On LNG Imports Deepens

Kuwait’s 5.4mn t/y (725mn cfd) Golar Igloo floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) is currently moored offshore Dubai as it awaits routine maintenance during its scheduled downtime. It’s in need of a thorough checkup after being put through its most rigorous year-to-date in 2017, when it was maxed out over the peak demand summer months ( MEES, 19 January ).

This is indicative of a growing trend in the Gulf where development of immense gas reserves has traditionally been neglected. Although boosting gas output is now being prioritized – Abu Dhabi for instance is advancing plans to develop more than 1.5bn cfd of sour gas ( MEES, 14 July 2017 ) – most GCC countries remain behind the curve. (CONTINUED - 984 WORDS)


chart GCC LNG Import Capacity (Bn Cfd)
chart Bahrain: Sales Gas Lags Growth In Raw Output; Increased Gas Injection At Oil Fields (Bn Cfd)