Oman Postpones Misfah With Slowing Demand Growth

Oman’s OPWP has shelved the 800MW Misfah power project, saying Oman’s demand growth is slowing because of higher tariffs while generators are producing electricity more efficiently.

State Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) has put back the schedule for its planned Misfah power plant by “at least one year” as a result of a slowdown in the country’s power demand growth rate. The project will now start-up in 2022 at the earliest (see table).

Oman last month scaled back its medium-term forecasts for power demand growth – it cut its forecast for 2022 peak demand by 11% from 10.69GW to 9.47GW ( MEES, 26 May ). Latest forecasts peg 2023 peak demand at 9.96GW, when total generating capacity would be 11.73GW – including the Misfah project (see chart).

The company attributes these reduced forecasts to a number of factors including the successful implementation of cost-reflective tariffs, improvements in the efficiency of electricity generation and utilization, and the use of state of the art demand forecasting techniques. (CONTINUED - 722 WORDS)


table Oman’s Power Project Pipeline
chart Oman Peak Load Vs Capacity - 2017 Forecast (Gw)
chart Oman Gas Used Per Unit Of Electricity (M³/Mwh)