Jordan Looks To Join Underused GCC Power Grid

Jordan’s electricity utility Nepco has signed an MoU with the GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) to study connecting its power grid to the electricity sharing network between the GCC countries.

Jordan’s Energy Minister Ibrahim Saif says that linking to the GCCIA-operated grid offers the potential for reducing government spending on power generation fuels and may prove an economic way of meeting increased electricity demand in Jordan.

The kingdom is overwhelmingly reliant on hydrocarbon imports to fuel its power plants, whose capacity totals 4.72GW. This mostly took the form of gas from Egypt until Egypt halted exports in 2011 forcing a shift to liquid fuels, though Jordan began importing LNG last year. Jordan is looking to diversify further and is currently developing renewables and oil-shale fired capacity in a bid to reduce this reliance (MEES, 15 April). (CONTINUED - 311 WORDS)