Jordan’s National Petroleum Company (NPC) is preparing to start a ten well drilling campaign at the country’s sole producing gas field, 38mn cfd-capacity Risha in the extreme east of the country on the Iraq border (see map, MEES, 23 June). The wells form part of a long-term plan to bring the field’s capacity to 200mn cfd by 2030 by drilling 55-70 new wells.

NPC CEO Mohammed al-Khasawneh said on 17 June that the technical assessment of bids for the drilling has been finalized with the firm in the process of awarding a winner. Mr Khasawneh expects drilling to commence either late-this or early next year, with the wells delivered through a turnkey contract. In the meantime, NPC has also determined the locations for five new wells based on “an ongoing comprehensive assessment being conducted by Schlumberger.” The CEO adds that NPC is scheduled to deliver four new wells a year. (CONTINUED - 199 WORDS)