Irena Sees Renewables Growth In MENA, But Less Than Elsewhere

MENA’s renewable energy capacity increased by 28% from 2010 to 2015. While hydropower still dominates, wind and solar capacity are growing in some countries. The region’s smaller energy players are among the leaders.

Renewable energy capacity in the MENA region increased by 6.4% to 26.34GW last year. But this represents just 1.3% of global 1.99TW end-2015 renewables capacity, up 8.3% on 2014, according to freshly-released statistics from the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena). MENA regional renewables capacity has increased by almost 28% since the end of 2010, when total renewables capacity for the region stood at 20.59GW. The lion's share is provided by Iran, where hydropower capacity is 45% of total MENA renewables.

Most of MENA’s renewables capacity is hydropower. Hydropower accounted for 97% of MENA renewables capacity of 16.28GW in 2006 and it is still predominant, representing 87.8% of today’s total. (CONTINUED - 658 WORDS)


table Irena: Main Renewable Sources 2015 (Mw)
chart Mena & Turkey Renewables Capacity 2006-15 (GW)
chart GCC Renewables By Source 2015 (MW)
chart Mena Renewables By Source 2015 (MW)
table Irena: Total Renewables Power Capacity 2006-15 (Mw)