Key 2016 Power Start-Ups Oil & Gas-Fired Despite Increasing Renewable Focus

Scheduled MENA powergen capacity start-ups in 2016 will mainly burn oil & gas. Growing regional interest in renewables will show mainly in tenders.

MENA regional electricity generators have scheduled plant start-ups with a combined capacity of 13.4GW for 2016. Oil-fired capacity will amount to 7.31GW, its dominant position due largely to two plants being built in Saudi Arabia. Gas-fired additions will amount to 5.83GW and solar to 256MW.

The new oil-fired plants will require around 200,000 b/d of fuel, while the total gas requirement will be a minimum 670mn cfd, depending on whether the plants are operated in open cycle or combined cycle mode. Algeria is notably short of gas, but its 1.14GW of new capacity will require at least 130mn cfd. (CONTINUED - 919 WORDS)


table MENA 2016 Powergen Start-Ups