Egypt Joins MENA Nuclear Club Through 4.8GW Deal With Russia

Egypt is joining the UAE, Turkey, Iran and Jordan in developing new nuclear plants, with Saudi Arabia close to kicking off the biggest program in the region.

Egypt’s Electricity Minister Muhammad Shakir and Sergey Kirienko, director-general of Russian State nuclear firm Rosatom, signed an agreement in Cairo on 19 November for the construction of four 1.2GW nuclear power plants near Dab’a in the Nile Delta around 120km northwest of Cairo.

No price estimate for the program was given. However, a similar development project agreed between Turkey and Rosatom for four 1.2GW plants at Akkuyu is expected to cost $20bn. This $5bn/plant ballpark estimate is also borne out by Jordan’s two-plant deal with Rosatom, which is costed at $10bn. (CONTINUED - 816 WORDS)


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