KRG crude output capacity, excluding contested Kirkuk, rose to 440,000 b/d at end-2014, when the Shaikan field attained its 40,000 b/d target. However, gas remains a problem so long as the dispute with Dana Gas over unpaid receivables rumbles on, preventing development of the Chemchemal gas field (MEES, 9 January).

UK independent Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP), operator of Shaikan, said in an update on 5 January that total gross daily production from the field, one of the largest discoveries in the Kurdistan region, had risen to 40,000 b/d by the end of December. The figure, more than 10,000 b/d up on November, is in line with GKP’s target, though the company says that further increments will depend on regular payments by Erbil for oil exports. Another development well, Shaikan-8, is due to come on line later in January, it adds. (CONTINUED - 789 WORDS)