Oman IPP Qualifiers

Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) has received statements of qualification from 11 international companies to build 2.6GW of gas-fired power generation capacity to be linked to Oman’s Main Interconnected System (MIS) transmission grid.

While most of the firms are familiar bidders for Middle East power projects (see table), the list includes Tehran-based Mapna – linked to Iran’s Ministry of Energy – which has built much of Iran’s conventional and wind power capacity, but nothing abroad.

OPWP says the capacity will “most likely be located across two sites.” The company specifies that 740MW of capacity should be operational for summer 2017 and the other 1.86GW for summer 2018. Three sites are being considered for the plants – at Ibri, Sohar and al-Suwayq. (CONTINUED - 241 WORDS)


table Opwp 2.6Gw Ipp Tender Applicants