The director of Shell-owned Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO), Andres Anijalg, says that negotiations with the energy ministry have thus far failed to yield an agreement on the price the government will pay for electricity generated from oil shale.

For months, the energy ministry has studied the tariff proposal from Attarat Power Company (Apco), a joint venture of Estonia’s Enefit, Malaysia’s YTL Power and Jordan’s Near East Investment, which is developing an oil shale-fired power plant in the Attarat umm Ghudrun region 110km southeast of Amman (MEES, 21 June 2013). Mr Anijalg, who is also project director at Apco, says that the company may abandon Jordan by mid-June – a financing deadline with China’s Guangdong Power Engineering (GPEC) – if an agreement is not reached with the energy ministry. (CONTINUED - 334 WORDS)