The UN Law Of The Sea On EEZs And Pipelines

An exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is a sea zone defined by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) over which a state has rights regarding the exploration of marine resources, including energy production. It stretches to a maximum of 200 nautical miles from the coast.

Territorial waters, according to UNLCOS, extend to 12 nautical miles from a country’s coast. This is regarded as the sovereign territory of the state, although foreign ships (both military and civilian) are allowed “innocent passage.”

Turkey is not a signatory to UNCLOS and claims the whole of what it defines as its continental shelf as an EEZ. This, in effect, means it claims a maritime boundary far closer to Cyprus, and to Greek islands, than to its own coastline (see map, p5). (CONTINUED - 251 WORDS)