State firm OPWP, in its recently-published 2012 Annual Report, says that MIS peak demand has increased at an average 7.1% a year from 3.03gw in 2008, while Salalah peak demand has grown at an average 8.4% a year from 260mw in 2008 (see chart).

Last year Oman’s power and water plant owners delivered a total 22.4 terawatt-hours of power and 168mn cu ms of water. This year OPWP has a number of independent power producer (IPP) and independent water producer (IWP) projects coming on-line. In 2012 OPWP was supplied with power and water from 11 different plants, with a combined nameplate capacity of 5.66gw of electricity and 134mn gal/day (610,000 cmd) of desalinated water (see table). (CONTINUED - 582 WORDS)