State-controlled Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC) has revealed plans for the construction of a new 280-km pipeline linking the 106,000 b/d Mina al-Fahal refinery in Muscat and the 116,000 b/d Sohar refinery. The move is primarily designed to reduce heavy fuel tanker traffic between the two cities, local press agencies reported. The project will also connect the storage facilities at the two sites, boosting Oman’s storage capacity for petroleum products such as diesel or gasoline.

On 19 February, ORPIC CEO Musab al-Mahruqi said: “The new storage and loading stations will reduce the load on the current Mina-al Fahal station… As much as 70% of Oman’s fuel is [currently] being distributed from Mina al-Fahal [refinery] and the rest from Sohar refinery and Raysut [Salalah] port.” Once complete, ORPIC hopes the station will contribute up to 50% of Oman’s projected local demand even after factoring in existing stations currently in operation. (CONTINUED - 311 WORDS)